Membership of the CHPA

The CHPA welcomes new members, including qualified hypnotherapists and students of clinical hypnotherapy.  You can find information about membership on this page, including a link to the membership application form. You are welcome to contact us on Email: or Tel: 086 388 2424 if you would like any help with your membership application.

Categories of membership

a. Hypnotherapist membership, which is open to practising Hypnotherapists holding a qualification in Hypnotherapy recognised by the Association; such a member may use the designation MCHPA

It is a condition of practising membership that the candidate for membership undergoes vetting by An Garda Siochana.

b. Student membership, open to students studying for a Hypnotherapy qualification at training institutions recognised by the Association. Such a member may not use any designation

c. Non-practising Membership, open to qualified Hypnotherapists who are not practising but wish to retain membership for a limited period after ceasing practise or during a break in practice. The time permitted for a member to remain a non practising member will be determined by the Committee from time to time. Such a member may not use any designation.

Benefits of membership

Benefits for All Levels of Membership:

  • CPD events organised by The CHPA are included in membership fee
  • Communication publications such a The CHPA Newsletters
  • Eligibility to participate in The CHPA working groups

Additional benefits for practising Hypnotherapist Members:

  • Certificate of Membership
  • Listing on the register of hypnotherapists on The CHPA website
  • Notification of telephone/email enquiries made to The CHPA looking for a therapist
  • A Vote at general meetings of the organisation
  • Access to OBF insurance rate €105 
  • Contacts for Supervision
  • Peer / Supervision Groups organised by The CHPA are included in membership fee
  • Access to Garda Vetting

Obligations of membership

All practising Hypnotherapist members must:

  • Undertake CPD in Hypnotherapy knowledge and skills, comprising a minimum of 28 CPD hrs/ pts over 2 calendar membership years. 
  • Engage in personal development activities (e.g. self-improvement programs, publishing articles, participating in CHPA committee activities etc) comprising 2 points over 2 calendar membership years
  • Attend sessions with a recognised therapist supervisor on a minimum of 4 occasions in the year, or for the number of sessions specified for the number of the therapist member’s practice hours achieved.
  • Have Liability Insurance cover.

Join The CHPA

Membership is from January to December of each year.  Membership Fees are as follows:

€120 per year for practising members; membership fee includes CHPA CPD events plus group supervision.

€70 per year for non-practising members; membership fee includes CHPA CPD events.

€50 per year for student members, i.e. students studying for qualification as hypnotherapists. Membership fee includes CHPA CPD events.    

Obtain membership application form [clinical-hypnotherapy-professionals-association-membership-application-form-1 (1) (2)

Qualifications Required:

Membership of The CHPA is open to all Hypnotherapists who have qualified through a course of training which meets the minimum standard for Hypnotherapy training as laid down and adopted in the United Kingdom by the Hypnotherapy Profession Specific Board of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the regulatory body for the complementary healthcare professions.

This minimum standard is that the course for qualification must comprise not less than 450 hours, made up of interpersonal interactive tuition (120 hours minimum), plus supervised practice, plus homestudy and assessment preparation, and, at minimum, achieves the educational outcomes required by the UK General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC).   

Where can I train to this standard?

Hypnotherapy schools approved by:

  1. The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) UK

2. National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) UK

Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma (HPD) awarded by NCFE

Approved Hypnotherapy training schools Ireland


Laura McDonald

Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland

Tel: 0873154980




Joseph Keaney

Therapy House, 6 Tuckey Street, Cork

Tel: 021 427 3575



Hypnosis Academy

Susan Wallace

Tel: 086 343 2992



What if my qualification does not meet the standard ?

For Hypnotherapists who have been in practice for 5 years or more whose qualifications do not meet this standard, we can offer membership on the condition that they undertake to obtain (through a portfolio assessment), the Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma (HPD). This must be completed before their second annual renewal of membership, or within 15 months from the date of obtaining membership, whichever is the shorter period.

Details of the HPD by portfolio can be found here: