Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Association (The CHPA)

THE CHPA is the leading professional organisation of ethical Hypnotherapists and Hypnopsychotherapists in Ireland. We are dedicated to advancing the science and art of Hypnotherapy and Hypnopsychotherapy by achieving the highest standards in facilitating positive, empowering and lasting personal change.

We are the largest Hypnotherapy Association in Ireland and the only recognised registration body in Ireland for the European Association of Hypno-psychotherapy (EAHP). Each of our Therapists is fully qualified from an Accredited Institute, bound by our Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics, and committed to Continuing Professional Development and Supervision.  The CHPA can provide evidence that all our therapists are and always have been subject to a documented system of self regulation which is designed to ensure maintenance of standards and the protection of the public.

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The CHPA is the registered business name of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Association Company Limited by Guarantee

Registered in Ireland 490738. Registered Office: The Black Church, St Mary’s Place North, Dublin 7